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Bnos Chomesh — a new focus

Throughout the eighteen years of running a cutting-edge innovative school we have served a highly diverse student body. Going forward, we are focusing on what we do best — working with students who are eager to learn and want to do it in a warm, positive, and nurturing environment. Our new Admission Policy reflects our new focus.

Now enrolling grades 9–12 for 2024-25 / 5785!

What stays the same

Our Principal Mrs. Dena Gorkin and her dedicated team create an outstanding school experience with strong academics and loads of extras. The hallmark of a Bnos Chomesh education is making learning—both limudei kodesh and limudei chol—exciting, relevant, and personal. Each girl is empowered to excel and develop academically, socially, and spiritually. Most importantly, she is inspired to become a self-leader and soar on her own.

The mix that sets us apart

1 Stress on Academics

Offering an engaging and rigorous academic program where girls earn both Judaic Studies and NYS Regents diplomas.

2 Personalized Learning

Tuning in to each girl’s learning strengths and forging a concrete plan for success.

3 Professional Faculty

Training faculty members to be serious educators as well as enthusiastic cheerleaders for their students.

4 Positive Yiddishkeit

Addressing those deep and important questions that all teens have nowadays and helping them own their Yiddishkeit with joy and pride.

5 Healthy Emotions

Helping students navigate their emotions and guiding them through the complex social interactions that are an integral part of growing up.

6 Creativity and Joy

Offering unique elective classes, trips and lots of opportunities for celebrating students’ talents.

7 Uplifting Environment

Making school a place where staff and students feel excited to spend their day.


“When I went to seminary, I realized that not only did I know more than my classmates, I was better prepared for life.”    

–Nechama S., Student

“Feels like an out of town school, right here in Crown Heights”  

–Mrs. T. Jacobs, Teacher

“Bnos Chomesh is a school where every student is cared for and nurtured in an environment that fosters pride in being a Bas Chabad.” 

–Rabbi Zalmen L. Markowitz, Merkos Mentors

לעולם ילמד אדם במקום שלבו חפץ

Bnos Chomesh is a school girls actually LOVE!

Come see for yourself.

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