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Bais Rivkah Podcast Featuring Mothers, Episode 14

The Optimizing Mother's Podcast

Mar 8, 2023

In Episode Fourteen of the Optimizing Mothers Podcast, hosted by Mrs. Sara Blau, Mrs. Dena Gorkin highlights the importance of emotionally bonding with our children.

Bais Rivkah Podcast Featuring Mothers, Episode 14The Optimizing Mother's Podcast
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Do you ever feel a lack of connection with your teen?

Ever wonder how you can spice up your mothering routine while deepening your connection with your children?

Human beings desire to belong. Mrs. Dena Gorkin talks about simple ways to connect to kids that yield big results. She shares how to meet your children's emotional needs in ways they will appreciate.

Listen to Episode 12, Vital Like Air here:

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Mrs. Dena Gorkin is the founder and principal of Bnos Chomesh Academy Jr.

High School & High School. She is the director of community education for Operation Survival and a teacher at Beis Rivkah Seminary.

She can be reached via her website at

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