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Bnos Chomesh is blessed with some very special friends. Ahuva and Avi Albrecht, their children, and The Tehilim Club of Pikesville, MD have been welcoming hosts to our school for Shabbatons for the last three years. But they are so much more! They run to help our school in every way possible. And they are not satisfied with just being our friends.

Avi is an active member of our board and Ahuva has inspired her family, her Tehilim Club, her friends and community to join in supporting us as well. 

In appreciation for all of their heartwarming efforts on our behalf, we instituted the Albrecht Family and Tehilim Group Scholarship Fund.  This fund awards scholarships to deserving students whose family situation makes it difficult to afford a good education. Thanks to the Albrecht family and their generous friends, we are able to offer a Bnos Chomesh education to a few more students each year.

The Albrecht Family
& Tehilim Group Scholarship Fund
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