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Do you see the full picture?

Take a second look.

It was my husband who introduced me to this image, painted by a French artist named Magritte, with the exclamation “That’s what you do! That’s Bnos Chomesh!

And so the lesson for me as a parent and mechaneches was the reinforcement of our already solid conviction at Bnos Chomesh: Look at each child and see not what she is now, but who she is capable of becoming.

As educators, we mustn’t see a student for her current limitations, rather, we must paint each student as the artist paints the egg in the above image. The artist doesn’t focus on the fragile, colorless shell of the unhatched egg; He instead paints the unleashed potential of the animal inside it; He draws its wings, he gives it a bold color, and he breeds into the egg its unborn potential.

THIS is our job as educators.

We must look at our impressionable students and realize that we can hold the paintbrush to their future. We must see each student for the potential she possesses, and with that vision, we must put all our kochos into encouraging, nurturing, and shaping her as a Bas Yisroel, Bas Chabad and healthy, happy and productive young woman.

As we embark on the first day of school today let us ask Hashem for the integrity, the insight, and the patience to hold our paintbrush steady, as we help our students hatch their eggs, open their wings, and soar to great heights.

With wishes of much Hatzlacha for the coming year,

Mrs. Dena Gorkin

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